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2012 Fundamentals and Emerging Topics in Occupational and Environmental Medicine - Presentations
Brought to you by The Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Mountain and Plains Education and Research Center, and Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health - Utah Education and Research Center.
February 3rd and 4th 2012

John Hammer, MD - Safer Travel in the 21st Century

Michael L. Blei, MD - Electrodiagnostic Evaluation in Work Related Injuries

John Williams MD, MPH - Ophthalmology

Kathryn Mueller, MD - The New 2011 Colorado Chronic Pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Guidelines

In Sok Yi, MD - A Guideline to the Cumulative Disorder of the Upper Extremity

Robert Kawasaki, MD - Minimizing Disability

John S. Hughes, MD - Physician advisory review and independent medical examination in the Colorado workers’ compensation system

Hannah Edwards, MD - Technology in Medical Education and Communication

Karin Pachecho, MD - Occupational Asthma: What the Occ Doc Needs to Know

Richard Meehan, MD - Evaluation of Veterans with Post Deployment Pulmonary Health Issues

Ken Scott, MPH - The Aging of the US Workforce: Global Context, National Consequences and Implications for OSH Professionals

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